Patio Door Shutters

Patio Door Shutters

As with all doors, there is only one style that is suitable for Patio door shutters and that is Full Height with divider. For quite obvious reasons the Café and Tier on Tier styles are not only impractical but would not look very nice. As the doors are likely to be over 1800mm high the divider rail is essential to maintain rigidity and prevent warping.

The vast majority of Patio doors will slide open and not be a problem with standard shutters and their frames. If you have a door that opens inwards then this must be treated slightly differently. The surveyor will advise you of best way to deal with these types of doors at the home survey. The width of the opening will dictate the type of materials required and also the type of fixing.

Larger openings will need to be manufactured in one of our lighter materials, one of our natural timbers or perhaps the Bali range, to allow for multi-fold shutter configurations. For extra wide openings, over 2000mm, it may be the case that a tracked system will be required instead of the standard frame and hinged versions. If a tracked system is used, the heavier Antigua MDF range would be suitable as all the weight is supported by the track and would also keep the cost down.

Points to Consider for Patio Door Shutters:

  • Recess depth – patio door handles tend to be quite large. Is there enough depth in the recess to fit the shutters after allowing for the handles?
  • Inward opening doors – these would be treated differently. Normal frames or tracks would prevent the opening of the doors. An outside recess frame would be required.
  • Weight – large installations would need to be made from the lighter natural timber or vinyl shutters.
  • Cost – lighter natural timbers are more expensive. The vinyl Bali range is more affordable and suitable for larger installations.

Patio door shutters are an ideal alternative to blinds and curtains, Far more flexible and practical and they look fantastic as well.


 Patio Door Shutters

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